Designer First World Problems

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A collection of random comics about design, introversion, and sandwiches.

Every Weekend

Expectation VS Reality of The Design Process

Every Time I Try to Meditate

Power of Persuasion

Trying to Connect

Sharing My Love for Burgers

Design Thinking

Nobody is Perfect

Attempting to Have Meaningful Conversations

UX Copy Matters!

Giving Feedback

Designing Products People Love ❤️

Trying to be Extroverted

When the Voices Get a Bit Too Loud

Hi, I’m Pablo Stanley. I write comics, design things at InVision, and share stuff on Instagram and Twitter. Let’s be friends 🙂

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Pablo Stanley

Designer at InVision. Cofounder of Carbon Health. Writer at The Design Team. A teacher at Sketch Togeth





The Design Team

The Design Team

Comics about a design team for a tech startup in Silicon Valley.