Top best project management software in 2019

Do you love to have your team under control or just love keeping your personal work organized? Well, project manamgent software is for you. You might already be using it, because your company works with one. Ever thought about an alternative? Well, let’s see what the modern market of project management software has to offer.


Well, you knew it. Jira is one of the most well-known representatives of this kind of software. A lot of companies use it as their default PM tool. And not without a reason — it’s been on the market for quite some time.

This tool is specifically designed for agile teams, and allows for creating custom workflows. It has all the necessary features like Epics, Tasks, User stories and such, and is quite good at its job.

Personally, I think that Jira has become a kind of a frankenstein — I imagine it like a bulky monster that is quite powerful — yes, but not very flexible and fast. I find the web version not very responsive, but that may be just my personal experience.

Overall, Jira is a safe choice. But it comes at a price — starting from $10 for 10 users or less. If you have more people than that — it will cost you $7 per user.


Hive is not just a project management tool, but a “productivity platform”, as they put it. All of the necessary tools and features are in one place — file storage, communication and even external tools. It features hundreds of integrations to streamline your working process. Work in one place instead of switching endless tabs.

As well as Jira, it doesn’t have any free plans and the pricing starts at $12 per user.


I know, I know — “trello isn’t a real corporate project management software!” Well, but does it do its job? Yes, and it’s completely free (with additional features for a cost).

Trello is quite simple compared to Jira, for example. It features a simple board view with lists and cards, representing tasks. It allows you to easily move cards around, assign them to people and add tags, for example. For small teams Trello can be a good solution.


Teamweek promise us a “beautifully simple project planning”. And it does look nice, and basically is a gannt chart-style software which allows you to keep track of all the tasks in your company/team and easily see “the big picture”.

It allows several pricing plans, and start from $0 for a teams of up to 5 people.


I rarely see ClickUp in lists like this one, and it’s a total mystery to me. Not so long ago I, myself, discovered ClickUp for the first time in my life and fell in love. First of all — it’s mostly free. You get all of the essential features for free. Unlimited spaces, unlimited users — most of the things do not have any limit.

My experience with it was super-smooth so far. The web version is very responsive and fast, and has lots of features — several project views (like list or a kanban board), tagging, custom statuses, advanced filtering and much, much more.

I’d choose ClickUp over any project management tool I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a lot). It can successfully replace even such ‘monstrocity’ like Jira — though it lacks some of the features, like custom workflows, but has many ‘pros’.

So, what do you think? Which project management software do you use personally? Which one does your company use? Be sure to leave a comment!

Have a nice day!

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