New Promising Industries for Tech Writers

Nothing is steady in our world. Some things fall back, others evolve. If we take a look at technical writing from this perspective, we can see that this field is developing and growing, the future of technical writers is looking good.

We already mentioned in this blog a lot of spheres that employ technical writers. Today, however, we would like to cover more unconventional professional fields that appear very promising for technical communication specialists and have a huge potential for further growth as far as their demand for help authoring is concerned.

Technical Writing in GHG Sector

Globalization surely has its pros and cons. One of the major pros is the growing awareness of shared responsibility for the future of our planet. Scientists all over the world are studying the anthropogenic influence on planet Earth. And, technical writers have a role to play in this, as well.

The GHG (greenhouse gases) sector now requires technical writers to work together on the problem of addressing climate changes. The need to grow a global community of GHG experts arose and so, this is exactly what started happening. These experts should be able to measure, account and manage greenhouse gas emissions. This obviously involves a lot of paperwork such as standards and regulations. This sector welcomes techcomm specialists now, especially those with a relevant scientific background.

Alternative Energy and Help Authoring

Another sector that keeps evolving is the alternative energy sector. One might think that this concept is relatively new, but, in reality, sources of energy have been replacing one another since the late medieval period when people started using coal over wood.

Now, humanity is moving towards renewable and eco-friendly sources of energy. As for renewable energy, we are talking about sun, rain, tides, wind, geothermal heat and modern biofuel production (including waste-to-biomass).

Consumption of renewable energy is growing yearly, here’s a great article on what is going on in this field. You can easily see if you look at the graphs from the article above that the alternative energy sector is actively developing. For technical writers this means that another possibility of building a great career has opened up.

Professional spheres connected with the environment and ecology are in now in search of technical writing specialists. Working for companies in this field can not only boost your career but also it can feel pretty satisfying in general to know that you are making our world a better place.


People who chose help authoring as their main occupation are definitely the lucky ones. We can’t even name another job from the top of the head that allows such an array of possible workplaces and industries to choose from.

In this blog, we have mentioned IT, aerospace, insurance, government, engineering and manufacturing, science and health care… All these fields are available for technical authoring specialists. But, there’s so much more than this, actually. The mentioned industries employ a lot, that’s true, but other directions like environmental protection and GHG are also hiring. Being aware of such modern trends is key to building a successful career in tech writing!

Good luck with your technical writing!
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