FAQ on Technical Writing

Many people who are interested in technical writing frequently ask me a lot of different questions, but here are the most popular ones that I want to make clear.

What tool do you use for technical writing? I use ClickHelp.

Many people may say that this is a sponsored post but I have been using ClickHelp for a long time that I can be considered as an ambassador, so it will be great to be paid, but it’s not 😉 I am glad that I have a possibility to share some of my experience with you, that’s all.

How did you become a technical writer? You can read my story here: From Translator to Technical Writer.

Do I need a degree? I’ve also described it in the article above.

What skills do I need to become a tech writer? Read the post called ‘Skills That Every Technical Writer Needs to Succeed’.

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SOURCE: https://medium.com/@kesiparker/faq-on-technical-writing-ed3e4a9ab2a5


Kesi Parker
Job position: Freelance Technical Writer. I use ClickHelp for technical writing.
Technical Writing is Easy

Technical Writing is Easy

Technical writing is for everyone!