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If you think that there is only one option for technical writers is to be a…technical writer, you’re wrong. There are different jobs in the tech writing industry, and I gathered a list of top of them, so you can choose what will suit you best.

Technical Writing is Needed Everywhere

The great thing about technical writing is that it’s broad and versatile. There are many spheres where tech writers are desired, here is a shortlist:

  • Information Technology

The basics of the jobs are the same but each of these areas is different and requires different skills and knowledge. Here are descriptions of technical writing jobs, so you will be prepared.

Technical Writer

It’s a basic job that requires basic tech writing skills like the ability to write clearly, strong analytics skills to understand a target audience, and so on. This usually involves writing such document types as instruction manuals, how-to’s, informational guides, and so on.

Technical writers gather the information from different mediums like printed and electronic media, audio and visual resources, also they interview SMEs and focus groups to describe a product effectively.

Technical Communication Consultant

This job implies the provision of professional and relevant information for people with documentation needs, such as authors, writers, editors, etc. A technical communication consultant just draws up documents or pieces that require some technical information, but they don’t write the whole document. You will work with these people, they will come to you when they need the information.

Technical Marketing Writer

This job is more complex, it requires technical and marketing knowledge and skills. The role of a technical marketing writer is to prioritize various editorial and technical projects. A technical marketing writer provides consumers and clients with information that will have them make informed decisions. The technical marketing writer does this through marketing resources like blog posts, articles, and even videos.

Technical Proposal Writing

This job requires to work with your clients on creating a proposal for their project. Your duties will be the following — you’ll need to create a document with an overview of the project details and a projection of it’s expected success and how it will be helpful for potential clients.

Technical Editor

A technical editor is also known as a reviewer. An editor is someone who works with technical writers to help to correct a document. It includes checking grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax errors, and the content, in general, to make it more relevant and helpful. Sometimes, technical editors write web content, training manuals, or maintain their client’s website, and so on.

Technical Copywriter

Technical copywriting is something that can be useful to a lot of companies that’s why tech copywriters are in demand. You can mix up technical writing and technical copywriting, but these two professions are different. Technical writing is more about explanations and content, while technical copywriting focuses on marketing. Usually, technical copywriters create content like product descriptions, case studies, sales brochures white paper, and the like.

Technical Creative Writer

Technical creative writer? Isn’t it awkward? No, this profession really exists. The duties of a technical creative writer are to entertain. It requires to think outside the box to create writing projects in a unique way. Tech creative writers develop essays, novellas, short stories, etc.

In what industry do you work as a technical writer?



Kesi Parker
Job position: Freelance Technical Writer. I use ClickHelp for technical writing.
Technical Writing is Easy

Technical Writing is Easy

Technical writing is for everyone!

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