How to Learn Flutter?

As I am a mobile developer and already developed many Android applications that are available in the play store and now developing applications in Flutter.

Whenever I tell my friends what flutter is and what it can do, they ask me: How to learn Flutter?

How to learn flutter

In this blog, I will cover how you can learn flutter even if you are a beginner or an expert in programming.

Flutter is a free and open source application development framework created by Google. It is use to build beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile(Android and iOS), web, and desktop from a single codebase.

With Flutter you develop faster and have a very flexible UI (User Interface) and native performance.

Are you? Mobile, Web or Desktop Developer

Mobile, web or desktop development is not required to learn flutter, but if you have experience in developing applications for other platforms then you can learn flutter very faster.

Flutter has very brief documentation for the developers who are from another platform like Android, iOS, React Native or Web. you can check it here.

You Need to Know

Object-Oriented Programing is a programing language model. which is very important for learning to develop applications.

  • If you are good at OOP then you are ready to start learning flutter, if not you shall first start learning OOP.

Every toolkit uses a programing language (like Android toolkit use Java or Kotlin) and flutter uses Dart programing language.

Dart is a very strong, flexible and easily learnable programing language from Google.

  • Before learning flutter it is good to know about Dart programing language

You can learn Dart by using any of the following resources within a couple of hours.

Every title is a link so just click in the title to visit the link.

  1. Dart code lab: Best code lab to start coding in the Dart.
  2. Tour of dart: Here you will learn how to use each small and major Dart feature, from variables and operators to classes and libraries.
  3. Dart video tutorialsA great step by step video tutorial course for learning Dart programming

OK! Will you please tell me how to start learning Flutter?

Ahmm! Sure, just scroll down a little more.

Install Flutter

Before learning flutter you shall have flutter SDK in your machine.

Ahem! what SDK is?
A software development kit is a collection of software development tools in one installable package.

Flutter currently support 2 best IDE (Integrated Environment)

1) Android Studio/IntelliJ: if you have android studio or IntelliJ IDE in your machine you can install Dart and flutter plugins and set up flutter SDK and start you are ready to go.

2) VS Code: Visual Studio Code is my favorite IDE for developing flutter and web applications, VS Code is light and faster.

if you like to develop flutter applications using Visual Studio Code you shall first install Dart and flutter SDK extensions from VS Code market and then set up you SDK

For more information, about How to Setup an Editor please check out the official flutter documentation.

Learn Flutter

Flutter is very easy to learn. Even you have never code in flutter you will feel familiar with flutter.

  • Flutter can be learned by watching Videos, Reading Documentationsand Blogs, and practicing example.

Learning from videos is the best way for starters to learn flutter.
if you are good at learning by watching videos you can start learning from the following resources

• Build Native Mobile Apps with Flutter:
This course is from Google and Udacity and best for those who are new to flutter. available for free Here.

• Widget of the week
Widget of the Week is a series of quick, animated videos, each of which covers a particular widget from the Flutter SDK. every week on YouTube.

• Flutter in focus:
It is
 also a video series of flutter at YouTube with less than 10 minutes of videos. where the Flutter team makes amazing tutorials about how to learn flutter basic and advanced techniques.

  • The Flutter boring show is the best weekly show I have ever seen, you watch and learn there with flutter developers where they make a real-world app on YouTube.

If you are reading documents its best to learn flutter from the official documentation.

Flutter’s official documentation is very clear, short understandable.

  1. Building layoutYou can start flutter by building a basic layout form here.

2. Flutter Cookbookflutter basic examples with a short explanation and best for practically learning flutter.

3. Flutter AnimationsAfter learning layout and improve your understanding with Cookbook its best time to learn how Flutter animations work.

4. Flutter State ManagementState management is an advanced topic of Flutter where one widget manages the state of another widget. but now it is very with the provider and BLoC libraries.

The best documentation flutter currently have is the examples, you can find a very brief and clear example of flutter at, GitHub and other websites while googling.

  1. Flutter Code labs
    flutter have great code labs. Click on the title to see.

2. Flutter GitHub
There are lots of Flutter animations, designs, state management and other great examples at GitHub. Click on the title to see it.

I have also developed DevFest Kabul 19 app using Flutter which is available at play store.

Did i miss an important Flutter resource? Put them in the comments.

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Hello, i am Abdurahman, Mobile Developer. I have develop many apps that are available in Play Store and passionate about developing cross platform applications using Flutter.




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Mobile Developer, Co-Organizer at GDG Kabul, Learner and Love Sharing. portfolio:


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