How to make yourself work

Ah, Friday. Nobody really wants to work on Friday, eh? After all, the week is almost over, weekend’s right around the corner… Any ideas on how to get yourself together and work? Well, I have a couple.

Understand what to begin with

As soon as you take the first steps, the work doesn’t seem as bad and confusing as it used to. Even if you don’t complete all of the work in one go, it will still give you a much-desired feeling of you being in control.

To decide which part of the work is best, to begin with, mentally break down complex tasks into smaller subtasks. You may even do it “physically” — by using a task management app. Keep breaking your tasks down until you have several doable chunks of work in front of you. Then just get onto it!

Simplify your workflow

There’s nothing bad in finding simpler ways of doing things if it gets the job done.


“Which three tasks must absolutely be completed before the end of the day?”

Then do these things first thing in the morning. As I’ve already mentioned, a couple of hours after you wake up is the time when you’re the most productive.

Think about the consequences

Okay, I may have exaggerated a little 😅But still, however radical this may seem, if it helps you overcoming that psychological block and getting the work done — ain’t it worth it?

Have a nice day!

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