Sports That Improve Your Brain Activity

Do you like sports? As for me, I am mad about it. It all kicked off several years ago when my work started to make me feel exhausted. I am sure you know what it is like. I began to include more sports activities in my weekly plan. And I really felt better. My concentration increased at work. I got back to enjoying my occupation. Today, I still have a habit of going in for sports. So, what are the best activities to raise your productivity?

Table Tennis

I have already told you that I am fond of virtual table tennis. But I love the real one as well. It is a great activity. On the one hand, it is a good aerobic exercise. You have to be very active during the game. On the other hand, it is considered to be one of the best brain sports in the world as it activates all the processes in your cortex and cerebellum. For me, it is the best concentration booster. You have to focus and track your ball, plan shots and strategies, and keep moving all the time. A funny thing I should say. You ought to try it.


Another brain activity booster. No matter whether you are playing against a team or a couple of your friends, you always have to build a strategy. In this game not only your physical strength helps you, but also your abilities to plan, analyze, and think fast. That is a good way of training your brain. Step by step it will lead you to mental health and higher productivity. Moreover, team sports activities help you make new friends and connections. It is especially great to play with your colleagues or members of your family. You become a real team!


Yes, running! Do not be surprised. Running stimulates creation of new nerve cells and blood vessels within the brain, an organ that tends to shrink as a person ages. As a result, you will find it easier to remember things, to learn, to work with multiple tasks simultaneously. The most important thing is to run regularly which is true in respect of any sports activity. You will see no results without exercising systematically.


The main advantage of cycling is that you can ride your bike every day. You can use it instead of your car or public transport. Of course, if the climate in your area allows you to do that. How does cycling boost your brain? Like most sports activities it improves blood circulation, so your brain gets more oxygen. Your cognitive abilities increase. Besides, cycling helps you handle stress and anxiety more effectively.

Be active, choose your favorite activity and enjoy the positive effect at work!


Bradley Nice


Bradley Nice

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