Switching Tech Writing Industry

Technical Writing Industries

Here are some industries where technical writers are desired:

  • Engineering
  • Science and Healthcare
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Medicine
  • Insurance
  • Government

How to Change Technical Writing Industries

Here is a primary draft of a plan:

  • Communicate with professionals. A good idea is to create accounts on different forums, for example, Reddit, LinkedIn, Slack and so on. More platforms you can find here: Technical Writing Communities. There, you can ask experienced professionals to give you answers to your questions and advice. They will gladly help you.
  • Build a technical writing portfolioOf course, you have all the necessary skills, as I mentioned above, but a specific industry requires specific skills. For example, a medical technical writer. It goes without saying that having a degree in medicine or natural sciences would be a great advantage for employment in this sphere, but it is not a requirement. Despite this, you should have medical knowledge since medical technical writers typically produce pharmaceutical and regulatory documents, medical education materials, white papers, articles, abstracts for journal articles, or conference presentations and the like. Some medical writers work closely with doctors and other health care professionals as part of a team, but most work as self-employed independent contractors paid by the hour or word.
  • Study. Now, when you’ve decided what industry you want to choose, it’s high time to read relevant books/articles/blogs, take courses, it’s also a good idea to visit a meetup where professionals share their experience.
  • Get prepared to interview questions. A potential employee will ask you about your portfolio, degree, certification, previous work and the like. The full list you can find here: Technical Writer Interview Questions.


Switching between industries can be challenging but, at the same time, it can be useful to upgrade your skills and knowledge. So, if you really want to do this, just follow my described plan.

SOURCE: https://medium.com/technical-writing-is-easy/switching-between-industries-in-tech-writing-b85a7c94b84d


Kesi Parker
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Technical Writing is Easy

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