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As UI is a constantly changing sphere that depends on users` needs and goals, trends in 2020 should meet our demands more than ever. The main priorities are high speed, convenience, efficiency, simplicity, and the use of AI. So, what are we going to have this year?


This year, we are going to see even more unique animation on websites. Why? Illustrations have always been popular design elements. They contribute to better UX. As all those animated illustrations appeared, our products got a lot of benefits: they got the so-called ‘human touch’, something personal and deep. Their motions are going to become more complex. They are able to explain more complicated things and carry more sense thus making a website or an app memorable. Today, animation is a powerful instrument for capturing the attention of users.


More and more attention this year will be paid to AI and how to improve its work. It is not a secret that AI is used in a great number of apps and services. In the future, this figure will only be growing. Have you noticed that some apps or services ask you to like or dislike something? This is the way AI is trying to learn you, your needs, your tastes, your behavior. This process can be quite tedious sometimes. In the nearest future, AI is going to learn quicker using even more parameters without annoying the users. As a result, we will see more personalized offers that meet our needs. Definitely, the conversion will increase. Besides, that will make UX smoother in general.

Virtual Reality

In the last few years, VR has had a lot of progress, especially in the gaming industry. We can expect that this year it is going to face even greater success. Step by step it will affect everything that is connected with UX and UI. Experts say VR may have a great future in the spheres of healthcare and education. I believe VR will give much more space for new ideas and solutions. We will see it in the nearest future.

Augmented Reality

This sphere is one of the most developing today. Many companies invest in it. Apple even created their AR toolkit that enables companies to work on AR-based products. It means that our experience will not only be limited to our devices, but the real world will also be engaged in it as well. AR makes it possible to unite the reality (physical world) and what is happening on the screen. So, if you want to be in trend, you should get to know AR as soon as possible.

Skeuomorphic design

For those who are not familiar with this notion: it is a design that depicts objects in a very realistic way. This type of design has become very popular and is not going to lose ground. Its main advantage is that it makes the content very clear and easily understood. But at the same time, it has a great disadvantage: it requires a lot of effort. Moreover, design trends are changing all the time. It is rather time-consuming to change the skeuomorphic designs every time. But still, this trend is still widely-spread. We will see how it will change by the end of the year.

These are the main UI trends in 2020. I hope this information helps you keep up. What other trends catch your eye this year? Please share in the comments.

Have a nice day!

Bradley Nice, Content Manager at ClickHelp.com — best online documentation tool for SaaS vendors

Source: https://medium.com/@bradley_nice/ui-trends-for-2020-6423e5a7547b

Bradley Nice


Bradley Nice

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