Accessibility Tips for Your Website

What makes accessibility so important? Nowadays we can hardly find a person who is not an Internet user. We all browse websites. But have you ever thought about the people whose disabilities and impairments do not let them use this or that website? They lose a very important part of everyday life. They are cut off a wide variety of services and tonnes of information. Besides, website owners miss a great segment of the audience if they don`t make their websites accessible. These are the issues that should be solved.

What are the main impairments that may prevent visitors from using your website?

  • Hearing impairment is a reduced ability to hear
  • Visual impairment is a complete or partial inability to perceive color contrasts
  • Physical disabilities are a difficulty to make movements including precise ones
  • Cognitive disabilities are limitations in mental functions, states like dementia, dyslexia, etc.
  • Photosensitive seizures are conditionssuch as epilepsy caused by flashing lights.

Here are the tips that can help you make your website more accessible to your users.

Keyboard-friendly Website

Careful Color Choice

Alt Text for Images

Accessible Dynamic Content

Careful Use of Headings

Tables for Tabular Content Only

Resizable Text

Accessibility has become an essential part of our everyday life. The more you think about your users, the better it is. Keep up with the times and upgrade your website!


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