10 useful color tools for designers

Palette generators and other color tools appear at an approximate rate of 10 per second or so, and it became quite difficult to choose the best ones among them. Let me relieve you from this burden and present 10 me and my colleagues use regularly.

The best part about this color palette generator is that it allows you to preview how the colors will actually look when applied to a design. Very handy.

A handy tool that will generate you gradient palettes based on a single color input.

An interesting project that allows you to see which palettes were used throughout our history, based on paintings/objects colors from a certain era.

A simple, yet effective contrast tester.

What it does is clearly stated in the name — it’s a browser extension that can quickly fetch any website palette.

The developers of this app (available for iOS or Android only) claim that their color scheme generator is A.I. powered and uses machine learning for better results. Definitely worth checking out.

Quite a small palette library, but it is curated, meaning only the best ones are chosen to be featured.

It’s another A.I.-powered tool, but instead of using some generalized knowledge of what looks good, it learns from you, thus making recommendations very personal.

Sketch gradient plugin with hand-picked gradients. If you don’t have Sketch, you can “extract” some colors that are available right on the page.

Truly beautiful collection of so-called “mesh gradients”. 100 of them, actually. That’s quite a lot and should get you through tons of projects!

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