UI/UX Case study: My Car parking

Inthe flourishing world, there are lots of headway in the technology. We can tell many inventions which lead to the technological development. The necessity of our ancestors was just food and shelter whereas the need of the present generation is innumerable. Traveling has become a part of everyday life and it is more comfortable in a car.

Owning a car or traveling in a car is not an intricacy.
Parking the car in a sheltered place is the challenge.

Research Goals & Methodologies


The number of people traveling in the car keeps on rising. Though each person has a distinct destination, the predicament they face is alike which is parking the car. Everyday 300000 people are finding difficulty to get parking slot on time.

Research Goals

We opt a car for traveling to have a better comfortability. But searching and waiting for a parking slot spoils all the comfort. Hence I was dragged to a notion of designing an application, easing the user’s worry.

Challenges to Success

  • Attracting users of all community levels.
  • To get users at all biennial conditions routinely.
  • To manage the customers if they are overcrowded at a time.
  • To expand the service to a large population of consumers.

Research questions asked to user

  1. What is the need for people to start using the car parking app?
  2. Have you understood the aim of this app?
  3. How does the model of the choice of spot selection look?
  4. Have you shared about this to your friends as a professional app?
  5. Are you feeling satisfied after using the app?
  6. Personally, what are the factors that restricted you from using the app?

Experience Tested

  1. The mindset of the users while using the app.
  2. Whether using the app lessens their time and effort.
  3. Administering the features of the app to new users.
  4. Investigating the experience of the user after checking the screens.
  5. Accomplishing effective slot booking for bustling hours.

Rainbow Diagram Results:

Participant Snapshots:

Analysis the Problem

The obstacles faced by the below people are analyzed.

  1. People who drive their cars every day for personal needs.
  2. An individual or a group of people who hire a car.
  3. People who opt for official cab facilities.
  4. Drivers and owners of heavy vehicles.


Where the problem is analyzed, the solution is achieved.

  1. The top purpose of designing the app is to lessen the workload of people. The app is intented in an uncomplicated way with very easy steps. Once you open the app, it will take you all the way from tracking the spot to booking. Users of any age or any background can use the app smoothly as I have decreased the Performance Load.

Problems differ from people to people.
But the solution we render should not be a problem.

2. Hence the app which has been devised for life’s everyday issue is designed with Accessibility.

3. The abridged look and necessary options of the app lure the user and grant them to handle it more and often the frolic way assuring Aesthetic-Usability.

4. Color stabs deep into the heart. I have given a plain white background and the icons represented in specific colors for each option.

5. All the details to be selected are given in simple sequential screens, assuring Affordance. Anyone can use the app at any time without tangles.

6. The icons are placed following Fitt’s law. With the progression of the steps to be selected are given in the accessible points.

7. Recognition Over Recall: The back option is given even at the last screen where it can be identified by the user easily and evoked in future.

8. Satisficing: All the essential options needed by the user are given, cheering their bubbles. They can view their parking slot at the last screen with the specific screen appearance and the icon for booking is given at the right base.


Round 2 of Interview

After the round two, I realized that most of the user uses the mobile in Landscape mode, So I have made one prototype in landscape mode

Estimate Deployment Timeline

Architecture & Planning . — 2.1–2.6 Weeks

Design Phase — 2.4 Weeks

Development Phase — 2.5–6 Weeks

Testing Phase — 1–1.4 Weeks

Deployment Phase — 6–14 Days

Core Principle Used

The app which is used by the user every day should have the features been seen every day. Therefore, the same steps followed by a user for parking the vehicle personally is followed for designing the app where the icons and options are also mimicked in the similar pattern.

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SOURCE: https://medium.muz.li/ui-ux-case-my-car-parking-1ca00506245f

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